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Bike Paris!!!

il y a 11 ans 10 mois#34311par Alexandro
Bike Paris!!! a été posté par Alexandro

Je ne parle pais le francais.
Sorry that I' writing in english, I'm just starting to learn French.
I arrived in Paris 22 days ago, to do my doctor thesys and to participate in an international research group, in IPGP, the group is located in UK but the laboratory of my research is located in Paris.
Je suis brésilien, and in Brazil I practice mtb (vtt) XC, but I didn't bring my bike (Giant XTC) to France, it would be so expensive. Someone could give me any suggestions about stores??? Cycling groups??? etc.... I would like to make some bike friends here in Paris, it would be a nice oportunity!!!
Best regards and merci pour votre comphreension.

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il y a 11 ans 9 mois#34319par Pazze
Réponse de Pazze sur le sujet Bike Paris!!!

i'm sorry , i'm Belgian so i can't ride with you. And i don't think that ,here,there are people who can help you.

I think that here < > you will find more people to help you.

ps: Sorry for my poor english. I'm a student [:]:-p[/:]

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il y a 11 ans 9 mois#34322par GdMax77
Réponse de GdMax77 sur le sujet Bike Paris!!!
Hi Alexandro, good thing that you want to practice mtb in france, there are some good spots that could be ridden around paris. To buy your bike, you can search on ebay if you want an used bike, many are available on Paris, at very interesting price, and hand to hand transaction. if you want a new one, few bikes shops as culture velo ( very professional but famous brands only, so a consequent investment ). decathlon (shop selling various sports items, and having an own bike brand - their price are imbeatable if you want to invest less than 700 € - this is the best choice for this range of price ), or other local dealers that you can find everywhere in paris with a quick browse via the web.

To ride, I think the most famous spot is the Fontainebleau forest ( use the web for more information ). You will find various tracks of differents difficulties ( a lot of hills, technical singles, sand, rocks, everything to enjoy, except if you practice downhill... ;-). Anyway, you can also visit the place by foot, this is beautiful, but I think you will prefer to ride...

To go to Fontainebleau :

- Go to Gare De Lyon
- Take main train to Montereau or Montargis. these trains go from the surface station ( make sure that the train stops at Fontainebleau )
- Stop to Fontainebleau ( 45 min from Paris )


Available for more information.

Just a question : What is the subject of your thesis ?

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il y a 11 ans 9 mois#34337par nobruteurba
Réponse de nobruteurba sur le sujet Bike Paris!!!
GdMax77: You speek english very well!! [:]:-O[/:]

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il y a 11 ans 9 mois#34345par Alexandro
Réponse de Alexandro sur le sujet Bike Paris!!!
Thanks for everybody for the welcomes!
GdMax77, my theys is in Geochemistry/Geology, I'm studing in the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, at aris 7 - Jussieu.
One friend of mine from Paris told me about webtt, and he was completelly rigth, is quite a family.
Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'll take a look in the map and look for informations of stores and places to ride. I had stopped the ridings because of my thesys and the born of may son, but I want to come back to the tracks!!!!
I went to some stores, but they were focused in vélo, just two stores were selling vtt, Franscoop and Mountain bike (Place de Rungi). Someone told me about Vélo 9 but I don't know how to go there.
I saw bikes from Specialized, Giant, Kona, La Pierre, Rock Mountain, but I didn't see Trek, Gary, Merida, SantaCruz and Orbea. Are these trade marks not common?? Or did I go to so few stores???
Best regards, and à demain!!!

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il y a 11 ans 9 mois#34358par Pazze
Réponse de Pazze sur le sujet Bike Paris!!!
Trek and orbea is rather common. But Santacruz , gary aren't so common, i think these bikes comes from america ( i'm sure for santa but not for gary). Santacruz bikes are distributed and sold by FMF ( i think , still once [:]:-I[/:] ).

See you soon [:]DRINK[/:]

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